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IRENE BARON - Author - Illustrator 

A former teacher and current pilot, Irene Baron also worked with the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA), Supreme Command Headquarters, Research & Development Center in Thailand four years while employed by Battelle Memorial Institute as an Information Specialist, Geologist, and Aerial Photographer.  In that capacity she directed the aerial photography from various Air America Sikorski Helio-19 helicopters and authored the geology and hydrology sections of the classified Mekong River Project book. She also wrote the Operational Procedures Manual, Laboratory Material Division (all levels) for that facility.

Her nonfiction book, Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, was awarded the First Place, Gold Medal as the 2013 Exemplary Christian Education Book during the Illumination Book Award sponsored by the Jenkins Group. This award was designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year's best Christian Education title written and published with a Christian worldview. The idea for the book originated when Baron unexpectedly received 68 astronomy computer programs from NASA. After several years of research, she found evidence proving the Christmas star event.  With extensive studies in archeoastronomy, archeology, Bible archeology, ancient history, and ancient art, she found records explaining how astronomers and wisemen who lived over 2,000-years ago used symbolism to interpret sky events. These studies were used to integrate the facts and symbolism of the celestial events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. Irene Baron resides in Ohio. She has one daughter.

Baron is currently writing a fiction adventure series with a paranormal twist.

The website banner image above is a clipped section within the author's national award winning photograph of the National Flags and the National Flag Truck.

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