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Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery (nonfiction book)
MINDREACHER Adventure series (Speculative fiction genre novel w/paranormal element)
Miscellaneous Topics 


Star of Bethlehem Proven
Reader Comments - Unraveling The Christmas Star Mystery  
Jesus Christ - Birth Date
Christmas Star Proven - Article #1     
Christmas Star Beginnings
Christmas Star - Book Reviews
Christmas Star - Press Release
How Did the Wisemen Know the Meaning of the Christmas Star - Part II, The Second event
NASA Computer Programs Used to Research the Christmas Star
How Did the Wisemen Know the Meaning of the Christmas Star- Part I
How Did the Wisemen Know Who was Being Born in Bethlehem?
Christmas Star Reviews
Christmas Star Blog - Women Connect Online
Q&A -Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery
Christmas Star Book Now Available as Paperback
Christmas Star Events Interpreted
Moon Meets Morning Star
Christmas Star Book Index
Christmas Star Book -information sent to schools
Christmas Star Proof
Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery in Paperback Soon
Proposed Cover of Christmas Star Book
Christmas Star Paperback Book Published Summer 2012
Star Research is being Readied for the Updated Paperback Version
Illustrations Ready
Upcoming Interview w/Drew Mariani
The Scientific Method
Format of Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery
Star Party Events
Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery Book to be on the Market Soon


Clean Water Worldwide
Graphene in the Mindreacher Novel      
Infrasounds Affect Humans
Shaolin Kenpo Martial Arts
ROBAR -  RC50.50 BMG Precision Rifle
U.S. Marine Corps, Scout/Sniper Training Manual


Christmas Mural Completed by Irene Baron
Mural Part 4- Positioning 
Christmas Mural Part 3 - Mary 
Christmas Mural Part 2 - Haloes   
Christmas Mural Part 1
Ceramics with Irene Worthington Baron 
How to Paint a Church Banner, Part 1
The Art Baron - Irene Baron
Irene Baron's Aerial Photo Made into a Mural


Star of Bethlehem Proven     
2017 Solar Eclipse - Interpretations Biblical Wisemen Would Make About the Eclipse 
Habitable Zone Planets Discovered
NRO KH 11 Telescope 
Gigantic Bean Grown from NASA Seed  
M82 Cigar Galaxy in Ursa Major 

Europa May Harbor Life   
Pluto - Internal Heat  
Twinkle, Twinkle LIttle Star  
Mars - Atmosphere and Storms   
Meteorite Craters
Mark 13:24 - Astronomical Explanation
Star Trek Reality
Comet 67 P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Europa May Have Black Smokers
Pleiades Cluster Color
Pleiades Cluster
Comet Ison Survived!
Meteor Crater of North Zanesville, Ohio
NASA Computer Programs Used to Research the Christmas Star
Comet Ison Stereo Photos Due 10 October
Equinox Earth - Russian Photograph
How To Find Comet Ison - Selected Dates
Drawing Comet Ison
Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory
Comet Ison is Different
Comet Ison Update
Comet Ison - Comments & Latest Links
Zanesville Astronomy Club, 18 May 2013
Asteroid Impact At Serpent Mound?
Comet Ison Questions
Cosmic Background Radiation and AT&T
Primer Fields & David Allen LaPointe
Comet Pan STARRS
Comet C/2011-l4 (PANSTARRS)
Titan - Our Future Home?
Nebula NGC 5189
Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017
Comet Ison - Where Does it Go?
How Many Stars Can You See?
Spectacular Comet Ison due November 2013
Retrograde Motion of Mars
Black Hole Bonanza Discovered by NASA
Moon Meets Morning Star
Perseid Meteor Shower this Weekend
Venus Transit of Sun, 5 June 2012
SunDog in Ohio
Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks
Saturn Visible in the April 2012 Evening Sky
Telescope at Hiram College
See a Great Celestial event in March! WOW!


Plastic found in Bottled Water
Juan De Fuca Earthquake Zone Explained
Mohole Project - The True Origin
What's In Your Drinking Water
Meteor Crater of North Zanesville, Ohio
Asteroid Impact at Serpent Mound?
Radioactive Carbon Dating
Banded Agates
Mt. St. Helens


Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery
American Military Cemeteries
Military Purge by Obama
Retired Marine Officers Assist Glasgow High School Forensics Class
Grumman S-2 Tracker - Crew member Irene Baron
Honorary Green Beret - Irene Baron
Burma Incident
US Navy S-2 Tracker
ROBAR -  RC50.50 BMG Precision Rifle
HSV-2 Swift


Angelic Encounter 
Buddhist Monk Ceremony - Becoming a Monk
Jesus Christ - Birth Date
Mark 13:24 - Astronomical Explanation
Easter Dates Mandated by Pope Gregory XIII


Plastics Found In Bottled Water
Clean Water Worldwide 
AMA Zanesville Ohio Chapter
Writers Assembled Interview IV, Author Irene Baron
Writers Assembled Profile Interview III, Author Irene Baron
Writers Assembled Interview, Writing Process, Author Irene Baron
Writers Assembled Interview, Author Irene Baron
Marijuana Farm and Oil Pipeline
Oldest Pilot - Ralph Charles
 S-2 Tracker Crew Member - Irene Baron
Drone Registration with FAA
Honorary Green Beret - Irene Baron
Teaching in Los Angeles - Year One
Monarch Butterfly Migration on Doppler Radar
Monarch Butterflies - How To Feed Them
Gigantic Bean Grown from NASA Seed
Infrasounds Affect Humans
Color Blindness - A True Story
Mental Processing Disorder
Pony Canasta -A New Family Favorite Card Game
Fireworks Galore in Spain
Chairs - Uncomfortable by Design
Flying Through a Rainbow 
National Flag Truck in Delaware
Experiencing Angry Seas
Burma Incident
Airport Security - Idaho Style
What's in Your Drinking Water
Swimming with Jellyfish
Intelligence is Inherited From Your Mother
Is Body Odor Inherited?
Monarch Butterflies Need Your Help
Radioactive Carbon Dating
Milk for Memory
Climate Change
Website Translations Now Available
Aerial Photo Opportunity for Pittsburg Steeler Fans
Website Popularity
Facebook Connection to Irene Baron
Steeler Fans Alert
Back in Ohio
What's Happening 
The Scientific Method